Solid Tower Security Services Limited is an indigenous
company proactive in the provision of various security
services for individuals and corporate organisations in Nigeria.
It was incorporated in February 2002 as a private limited liability company with Registration No.RC441493 and obtained a category ‘A’ license from Ministry of Internal Affairs to operate as a private security company on April 14, 2003.
As a dynamic security company; we are poised to render security services in the country and as such have been nominated one of the leading providers of asset protection and resource management services cutting across every sector in Nigeria.
Our practice over the years have help better our services with vast experiences through our good customer service relationship and this has enhanced our operations and helped boost our performance level, as our customers are treated as kings.
Vision, Mission and Values
At Solid Tower Security Service; Is to match quality with efficiency on the bedrock of professionalism; taking adequate care not to ripple our clients’ financial muscles. We aim to provide tailor made security solutions to suit individual specific security needs and budget.
Our mission is to provide our clients with the most cost effective and efficient security management system that would enhance and guarantee safety and security in business environment.

– We believe in professionalism; firm, fair and friendly attitude at all times.
– We idolize the virtues of honesty, integrity, discipline and loyalty.
– We apply ethical business behavior and practices.
– We comply with our social and communal responsibilities.
– We believe in transparency.
Business Objectives
Our Business objectives are summed up in the principles and values to which we are committed and which corroborates our vision and reflects in our responsibilities to all our stakeholders.
In order to achieve our objectives we employ a three prong approach, namely: Strategy, System and Staff.
Built around customer priorities.
Communicated throughout the organization.
Frequent and formal measurement.

Designed for the convenience of the customer.
Constantly reviewed.
Provide the customer with the added value.
Careful selection.
Excellent training.
Empowered to work for the customer.
Generous rewards.