Uniform Guard Services

Solid Tower provides carefully selected fully trained and screened officers and personnel to maintain and secure the environment for companies and their employees, like Banks, Telecom Companies, Oil and Gas (On and Offshore) and other cooperate bodies.

Security Consulting, Planning and Risk Analysis Surveys

Every client has unique security-related concerns. Our experts will work closely with you to pinpoint security risks, set your program goals and help you understand the variety of security solutions that can be used to mitigate your security risks.

Based on this intensive assessment process, our experts will design an integrated physical and electronic security solution optimized for your needs and budget.

Solid Tower Security consultant will offer:

  • A comprehensive, objective written review and analysis of the property
  • Analysis of current security measures
  • Key staff interviews
  • Facilities activities analysis
  • Threats and risk analysis
  • Integrated security analysis
  • Recommendation and implementation priorities
  • Doorways security plan
  • Standard operating procedures for security operations
  • Closed circuit camera plan
  • Standards and procedures

SOLID TOWER will work with you on an ongoing basis to make sure that your security system always matches your changing security needs

Airport Protocol and Escort

Our Airport protocol service comprises of uniformed armed personnel, drawn from law enforcement and Military personnel for escort. And well trained, suited personnel who are also experts in journey management, facilitating customs and immigration documents for our clients, both at the airport and land borders.

Security Drivers / Escort Vehicles

Our escort drivers are able bodied, experienced personnel who had undergone defensive driving with valid drivers License, and are attached to our Vehicles with full patrol compliments for VIPS and escort services. We also provide Armored Vehicles for safe movement of cash and other valuable; we equally provide bullet proof cars and jeeps for VIPS and expatriates

Executive Protection / Body Guard Services

Since we regard our clients as executives, hence the provision of executive protection to our prospective clients on request in areas like: Social functions, Seminars, Airport pick-up and drop-off, political rallies, Road shows etc. for this, we have trained personnel with high level of discipline, combatant and machos, coupled with high knowledge of electronic device and communication skills, dressed on black suits.

Physical Security

SOLID TOWER provides fully trained and screened officers and personnel to maintain secure environments for your company and your employees. Our Physical Security services are designed to fully integrate with your electronic system, to provide the maximum protection for your workers and assets.

Our officers are selected for their professional demeanor, attitude and ability. All employees undergo comprehensive background screening, criminal records and fingerprint checks. Our extensive training involves theoretical and practical courses including security planning, security and law, public relations, first aid, fire prevention and public decorum. SOLID TOWER officers are prepared to politely handle and diffuse delicate situations, while taking a proactive stance in enforcing client policy.

SOLID TOWER armed personnel are drawn from law enforcement and military professions. All guards are closely supervised and trained to keep hourly record logs and produce accurate incident reports. If our personnel are called upon to produce court testimony, they undergo expert coaching.

Security guards services cover wide range of needs:
– Concierge and reception
– Inspection services
– Executive protection
– Armed and unarmed guard and patrol services, fire safety directors
– First Aid and CPR-certified officers
– Mailroom services
– Special event control
– Armed chauffeurs
– Plainclothes, formal suits and military-type uniformed guards are available.

Private and Background Investigation

SOLID TOWER offers skilled investigation services for corporation and individuals to successfully navigate a world of risks. Our investigative consultants are the highest quality professionals drawn from careers within law enforcement and the armed forces, law, finance and accounting, forensic accounting, management consulting and information technology. Our advisors can identify potential vulnerabilities to your organization and implement appropriate safeguards to protect your assets, people and financial value.

Investigative services can be essential in a wide variety of situations, including accounting fraud cases, tracing assets and goods, gathering intelligence for litigation, due diligence screening during acquisition vendor screening, as well as everyday background checking of employees. Whether investigating fraud, tracking a hacker or conducting a background check, you can be certain that our investigations will be conducted with the utmost discretion, confidentiality and attention to clients’ concerns.

Our private investigative services include:
– Background checking
– Undercover surveillance
– Employee screening
– Vendor fraud
– Employee malfeasance
– Intellectual property theft
– Threats to corporate security
– Financial irregularities
– “Bug” sweeps
– Litigation intelligence
– Due diligence
– Grey market and counterfeit goods investigation
– Patent and trademark protection

Interactive Central Monitoring Station

Central Monitoring is the leading edge in electronic surveillance system in providing a value added and highly cost-effective solution to your basic surveillance needs. Central audio and video monitoring allows virtual onsite presence and complete off-premises facilities control entire security system including access control, video surveillance, audio communications, burglar alarm systems and guard patrol can be fully integrated with an off-site 24-hour communications command center that can be relied upon to respond in real time to any security situation.

Our specialists are trained to immediately verify and access any situation, and respond appropriately, whether it is an authentic emergency or false alarm. Our personnel will alert the nearest safety or law enforcement authorities, bring your physical security personnel to the area of disturbance, communicate directly with distressed parties and monitor every situation through to resolution. Central Monitoring safety assessment allows for more effective use of multiple electronic systems to enhance the security and safety of your facilities.

Central Monitoring allows you to:
– Control access, provide entry assistance
– Verify identity and authorization
– Provide real time intervention in case of an incident, fire intrusion by trained specialists.
– Monitor 24 hours a day, specified hours or only when an event occurs

Electronics Security Systems

Our electronic security services comprises of installation and services of various security gadgets like; Surveillance / CCTV, smoke detectors, Audio / Video entry phone, burglar alarm, self defense Security gadgets, fire equipments, access control device etc.

CCTV Cameras enhances coverage of our client’s premises and could be viewed via the central monitoring system, while the burglar alarm triggers off any time there is burglary attempt by an intruder. We also have coverage letter from the Nigeria Police Force on Installation of the panic alarm system to any police post of client designated choice.

Recruitment and Training of Staff

Our electronic security services comprises of installation and services of various security gadgets like; Surveillance / CCTV, smoke detectors, Audio / Video entry phone, burglar alarm, self defense Security gadgets, fire equipments, access control device etc.

All staff recruited into our system must follow the lay down procedure on recruitment which is
(1) Guard must be 5ft height and above and not less than 25 yrs of age, with good communication skill and able to read and write.
(1) The Staff must be vetted
(2) The Staff must attend a two week Security Training course (Theoretical)
(3) The staff will attend two week physical training exercise

(1) The staff must not be less than 240 pound weight and 6 feet & above
(2) The staff is vetted
(3) The staff will attend one Month training on E-Security, (UAC) unarmed Physical exercise and combat / self and VIP defense
(4) The staff is posted on satisfaction of Training manager

(1) The staff is vetted
(2) Must have valid license and years of Experience
(3) Will attend the offensive and defensive training
(4) The staff is posted on satisfactory performance

We also undertake the training of company staffs on Security Management and Safety and industrial Security Management.


Our security guards are trained in every area of security services; beginning with basic to advanced knowledge of security. The training school is comprised of two stages with capable, well experienced handlers. The first stage is the physical fitness exercise and parade to ascertain the physical fitness of aspiring guards. The second stage is the classroom lecture where basic and advanced lecture on security is given, e.g.
– The origin of the job of a security officer,
– Fire fighting and the use of fire fighting tools
– Arson
– Bomb detection
– Escort services
– Hijacking
– Body guard duties and the use of some vital security gadgets

Our training department also offers seminar and training to the staff of our clients on:
– Security management
– Industrial safety
– Fire fighting and prevention
We also conduct refresher courses for guards on site from time to time

Guard Dogs / Handlers

Our guards dog’s ranges from the Asesian, Bull dog, boxers, Ruthwellers and Doberman well trained for security purpose, we provide also snuffer dogs for burglar cases in companies and co-operate firms, our handlers are well trained to be accustomed to any dogs bride, all dogs are licensed and medically fit, with constant medical checkup.